Term App Deadline  
Spring Semester & Year (Jan. to Dec.) October 1st  
Iceland July 1st
Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Spain September 1st 
URome, UPrague September 1st 
Argentina, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom
McGill University, Università Cattolica
September 15th 
UCape Town, UGalapagos
American University of Paris and Monash University (both campuses)
September 15th 
September 20th
UParis September 22nd
Fall Semester & Year (Aug. to May) March 1st  
Iceland and IES Milan
American University of Paris, Griffith University and Monash University (both campuses)
February 1st 
February 20th
Summer March 1st  
Oxford and OTS-Costa Rica February 15th 
January Intersession (I) November 25th All Programs
Spring Break (Intersession II) January 25th All Programs