Non-UM Programs

If you would like to study abroad on a program outside of the UM offerings, we suggest that you follow the steps below to study abroad on a non-UM program.

Studying On a Non-UM Program: Suggested Steps

1. Research program options.  There are hundreds of programs, so make sure to look only at those that offer credit through an accredited university.  You may wish to consult the following websites; however, not every program on these websites will be through an accredited university!

2. Complete the Studying though a Non-UM Program form.

3.  Visit the UM study abroad office to ensure accredidation.   Make sure to bring information about the host university so that we can determine if the university is accredited. After a study abroad advisor determines that the program is accresited, he or she will sign your Non-UM Program form.

4. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your study abroad plans.  Make sure that the study abroad classes fit into your curriculum of study at UM.

5. Apply to your program after you know that the program is approved.

6. Get your courses approved.  You must visit the department of each course for which you seek a UM equivalency.

7. Turn in your Non-UM Program form to the Academic Dean’s office for your school or college.  Your school or college may require additional forms.  If your proposed study abroad program falls within the last 45 credits of your study, you must appeal the residency requirement through your school or college.

8. Pay the $350 study abroad fee (only for fall or spring programs).  After you turn in the Non-UM Program form to your Dean's office, it should be signed and forwarded to the Registrar who will register you as a non-UM program participant. A $350 non-UM program fee will be added to your student bill.

9. Request a transcript from your program to be mailed to University of Miami, Admission, PO Box 249117, Coral Gables, FL 33124. Make sure to add the locator code (2952), as it will facilitate its arrival!

Preferred deadline: April 15 for summer and fall programs, November 15 for spring programs.

Non-UM Prestigious Program & Scholarship Information

Many of the scholarships listed on our Scholarships Page are also applicable to participation on non-UM programs abroad. Please see the Scholarships Page for more information.

For more information on scholarships and funded post graduate opportunities please see the Office of Prestigious AwardsStudy and Research Abroad Page.