Going Virtual for COVID-19

The University of Miami campus community continues to closely monitor the development of coronavirus COVID-19. Our priority is the safety and well-being of our students and staff while maintaining high levels of customer service. For this reason, the Study Abroad Office will continue to maintain virtual/remote operations with all services taking place either by phone or virtually using Zoom. For any questions, please email us at studyabroad@miami.edu.

For Students

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  • Virtual Advising & Appointments

    The Study Abroad Office is hosting virtual drop-in hours every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00pm-3:00pm through Zoom throughout the Spring 2022 semester.  Click this link to register and join our weekly drop-in advising sessions.  Our advisors are also available for individual meeting requests.  In order to schedule an appointment, simply click on the name of the advisor to send them an email.

    General Advising

    Andrea Ruffoni Semidey 

    Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China (including UShanghai), Japan, ULatin America, Singapore, South Korea, and UPrague 

    Nina Castro 

    Canada, England, UGalapagosIreland, the Netherlands, Scotland and Wales 

    Grant Cutler 

    Denmark, Finland, France (Including UParis), Iceland, Sweden and Switzerland 

    Jessica Driemeier 

    Australia, Austria, Germany and Spain (Including UBarcelona & USeville)

    Anna Kenney 

    Italy (including URome) and UCape Town 

    Tara George Samperio 


  • Information Sessions

    Study Abroad 101: Any student interested in studying abroad should attend this session FIRST! Here you will learn all about the various program offerings that exist, how finances work and information about academics abroad.  

    Country/Program Specific: These sessions will highlight specific countries/regions/programs and provide specifics about applying.  

    Scholarships: Are you wondering how to financially support an experience abroad? This session will provide information about applying for internal and external scholarship opportunities to help offset the cost.  

    Summer Programs: Are you concerned about a whole semester abroad? Consider a summer program which can be just as impactful! 

  • Transcript & Document Submissions

    During this time, the Study Abroad Office will only accept digital transcripts. Students who need to submit their official transcript to their study abroad application should plan to order via CaneLink and have it submitted to studyabroad@miami.edu 

    All other documents should be sent to us by email at studyabroad@miami.edu. For limited situations in which a digital version or signature is not acceptable, please contact studyabroad@miami.edu or 305.284.3434 to request a date and time to drop off documentation. Please provide your full name, study abroad program, C number, and a description of your request.  

  • Documents Requiring Signature

    Any student who requires a signature on a document would be asked to scan and submit the request to studyabroad@miami.edu. Please include your full name, study abroad program, and your C number.  

    In the event that a digital version is not acceptable, please allow an extra 5 business days to process. Students will need to email studyabroad@miami.edu to coordinate drop off/pick-up of document.  

    For processing times, please review our website 

  • Non-UM Petitions

    Students interested in a semester program abroad that is not listed on the UM Study Abroad website can petition the Study Abroad office for permission to participate in a program offered through another university or third-party provider. Students are encouraged to review Non-UM Study Abroad Program Policies before submitting a petition. 

    In their petition, students must provide a valid academic reason for pursuing a non-UM semester program. Students must demonstrate that the non-UM program meets an academic need that a UM program does not, drawing specific examples of the academic merit and rigor of the non-UM program.   

    The written explanation must be submitted via email to studyabroad@miami.edu with the subject line “Petition to Study Abroad on Non-UM Program”  along with the completed Studying through a Non-UM Program form. (Course equivalencies do not need to have signatures at this stage, but the courses the student plans to take and seek equivalencies for do need to be listed.) 

For Faculty/Staff at UM

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For Partners Abroad

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  • Site Visits

    We will not be permitting any in-person site visits at this time.  

    Should you wish to conduct a virtual site visit with the Study Abroad Office or any Academic Departments, please contact us directly at studyabroad@miami.edu and we will coordinate setting this up for you.  

  • Contacting Our Staff

    General Advising and Incoming Exchange Students – All Locations 

    Study Abroad Office 

    Asia, Eastern Europe, South America (excluding Ecuador) 

    Nina Castro 

    Canada, Ecuador, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom 

    Grant Cutler 

    Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Sweden and Switzerland 

    Jessica Driemeier 

    Australia, Austria, Germany and Spain 

    Anna Kenney 

    Italy, South Africa 

    Tara George 

    Assistant Dean & Director, Study Abroad 

    Devika Milner