Global Canes Recognition

What is the Global Canes Recognition?

Global Canes is a unique global learning recognition for UM undergraduate students designed to promote and enhance intercultural communication skills and global competence through impactful activities in the U.S. and abroad. The program recognizes UM undergraduate students for international and intercultural learning.

Completion of a minimum of 3 pre-approved UM activities is required to be eligible for the Global Canes Recognition.

Benefits of Global Canes Recognition

By participating in this program, you will:

  • Engage in intercultural learning experiences that will help prepare you for a globalized workplace
  • Align your global interests with courses in your program of study
  • Strengthen understanding of the political, social, and economic context of other cultures
  • Gain international work/service experience that you can highlight on your resume
  • Develop intercultural competencies that enhance employment opportunities
  • Receive certificate of completion and LinkedIn recognition
  • Recognition at the Annual Toppel Awards Ceremony and Civic Scholars Ceremony
  • Receive distinction notation on UM Transcript – Pending Registrar Approval


Global Canes Eligibility Requirements

  • The Global Canes Recognition is only open to current UM undergraduate students.
  • A minimum of three pre-approved activities is required to be eligible for the Global Canes recognition. Students must select one marquee experience and two additional activities.
  • Pre-approved activities may be in progress at the date of your application submission.


How to Apply

  • Submission of a complete application is required to be considered for the Global Canes Recognition
  • Only complete applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed


  • Fall application opens: August 25, 2023
  • Fall semester deadline: October 1, 2023
  • Spring application opens: February 1, 2024
  • Spring semester deadline: March 15, 2024

Application Process

  1. Submit the complete online application by the deadline.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of UM faculty and staff
  3. Based on participation and documentation, students are selected and awarded Global Canes recognition

Apply now for Global Canes Recognition

Pre-Approved Activities

Required Activities 

Must pick one of the following marquee global experiences: 

  • Participated in one UM Study Abroad program (Intersession, summer, semester, or year-long; duration of program must be a minimum of 7 days). This program must be a UM-sponsored or UM school-sponsored study abroad.
  • Completed a full or part time globally-focused internship through the Toppel Internship Program (TIP)
    • Part-time: working no more than 20 hours per week, totaling approximately 160 working hours, most common during the academic year (Fall/Spring semesters)
    • Full-time: working between 21-40 hours per week, totaling approximately 320 working hours, only during Summer

AND two of the following additional activities: 

  • Completion of UM Civic Scholars Program
  • Participate in an eligible undergraduate research project
  • Completed a full or part time internship through the Toppel Internship Program (TIP)
  • Complete a foreign language major
  • Be selected for an eligible Prestigious Award
  • Serve as a UM global ambassador for a minimum of 3 semesters
  • Participate in an eligible service and leadership opportunity through the Butler Center