Non-UM Programs

Policy for Non-UM Semester Programs

The University of Miami invests considerable time, effort, and resources in the creation of U programs consistent with the needs of its students, with University standards, and educational objectives. Therefore, students intending to study for a semester in a city where UM offers a U program will be expected to enroll in the U program unless they have a compelling academic reason to attend a different program and their petition is approved. Students can click here for a list of U programs.

Priority Deadlines: August 15 for spring semester programs and February 15 for fall semester programs. In all cases the deadline to submit non-UM petitions is earlier than the deadline for application to UM programs to allow time for the student to apply to a UM program (if desired) in the event that their petition is not approved.

Process: Students considering a non-UM program in a city where a U program is offered should submit an explanation with the reason for choosing a non-UM program over a U program. The explanation needs to be submitted to the Study Abroad Office along with the completed Studying through a Non-UM Program form.

A successful explanation will demonstrate a compelling reason why the U program will not serve the student's academic needs.

Decisions regarding petitions will be made by the Director of the Study Abroad Office in consultation with the Dean of Undergraduate Education.

Petitions will be reviewed on a rolling basis so early submissions are encouraged. Decisions are normally made within one week.

Transfer credits for study abroad will be awarded only for pre-approved programs.

Students approved to study on a non-UM program are not eligible for UM institutional funding or financial aid while abroad. Contact the financial aid office for more information.

Participants in approved non-UM programs will be assessed a $350 non-UM program fee (only for fall and spring semester programs).

Request a transcript from your program to be mailed to:
University of Miami, Admission
PO Box 249117
Coral Gables, FL 33124
Make sure to add the locator code (2952), as it will facilitate its arrival!

Please note that it is not possible to withdraw from UM, take part in a non-UM semester abroad program, and then transfer credit back to UM from that program

Non-UM Prestigious Program & Scholarship Information

Many of the scholarships listed on our Scholarships Page are also applicable to participation on non-UM programs abroad. Please see the Scholarships Page for more information.