Non-UM Programs

Non-UM Semester Programs

Suggested Steps

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your study abroad plans and determine which course requirements you may fulfill abroad.
  2. Research program options. You may wish to consult the following websites; however, credits earned on the programs listed are not automatically and there is no guarantee that UM will accept credit from every program listed on these sites.
  3. Read the note below and choose a program. You must ensure that upon completion of the program, the university or program will provide the University of Miami Office of Admission an official transcript from an accredited university showing grades and credits. You should find out the date the program will send the transcript. If your transcript is delayed, your graduation plan and financial aid package may be affected upon return to UM.
  4. Complete page 3 of the Studying through a Non-UM Program form (the form) in its entirety.
  5. Request a signature on the form from the Office of Study Abroad. The form must be complete, including the name of the institution issuing the transcript. The Study Abroad Office is not responsible for determining which institution is issuing the transcript. If UM accepts transfer credit from the institution issuing the transcript, the Study Abroad Office representative will sign the form. The signature does not represent confirmation that UM will accept transfer credit or course equivalencies from the institution. The final transcript from the program will be subject to interpretation and approval by the University of Miami Office of Admission.
  6. Apply directly to your program. UM is not involved in this step.
  7. Get courses approved on the Non-UM Programs Course Equivalency Form (pages 4 – 5 of the form). You must visit the academic department of each course for which you seek a UM course equivalency. You are advised to obtain more course equivalencies than you need in order to give you flexibility with your final course schedule. To ensure transfer credit, you must obtain a course equivalency for each course taken abroad. The credit value of courses taken abroad is determined by the Office of Admission, not by an advisor. A course listed abroad for 3 credits may not be equivalent to a 3 credit course at UM.
  8. Request approval of your form from the Academic Dean’s office for your school or college. Your school or college may require additional documentation. If your proposed study abroad program falls within the last 45 credits of your study, you must appeal the residency requirement through your school or college. The approval process takes time, so you are encouraged to start early and be patient.
  9. Pick up the form from your Academic Dean’s office. Make a copy of the complete form for yourself.
  10. Submit the form to the Office of the Registrar according to the date listed in the academic calendar. The Office of the Registrar will process the form and charge a $350 fee to your student account for the term you are abroad. By submitting the form to the Registrar, you will remain in Non-UM Program - Active Status while abroad. This form must be submitted for each semester you are away. You do not need to submit the form to the Registrar for summer programs.
  11. Pay the Non-UM program fee (only for fall or spring programs) according to the deadline listed in CaneLink.
  12. Request a transcript from your program to be mailed to:
    University of Miami, Admission
    PO Box 249117
    Coral Gables, FL 33124
    Make sure to add the locator code (2952) to facilitate its arrival!

Note about Non-UM Program in locations where U Programs exist:
The University of Miami invests considerable time, effort, and resources in the creation of U programs consistent with the needs of its students, with University standards, and educational objectives. Therefore, students intending to study for a semester in a city where UM offers a U program will be expected to enroll in the U program unless they have a compelling academic reason to attend a different program and their petition is approved. Students can click here for a list of U programs.

Priority Deadlines: August 15 for spring semester programs and February 15 for fall semester programs. In all cases the deadline to submit non-UM petitions is earlier than the deadline for application to UM programs to allow time for the student to apply to a UM program (if desired) in the event that their petition is not approved.

Process: Students considering a non-UM program in a city where a U program is offered should submit an explanation with the reason for choosing a non-UM program over a U program. The explanation needs to be submitted to the Study Abroad Office along with the completed Studying through a Non-UM Program form.

A successful explanation will demonstrate a compelling reason why the U program will not serve the student's academic needs.

Decisions regarding petitions will be made by the Director of the Study Abroad Office in consultation with the Dean of Undergraduate Education.

Petitions will be reviewed on a rolling basis so early submissions are encouraged. Decisions are normally made within one week.

Transfer credits for study abroad will be awarded only for pre-approved programs.

Students approved to study on a non-UM program are not eligible for UM institutional funding or financial aid while abroad. Contact the financial aid office for more information.

Please note that it is not possible to withdraw from UM, take part in a non-UM semester abroad program, and then transfer credit back to UM from that program.