UM Partner Programs

Through UM’s Partner Programs, you can study for a semester or academic year at one of our partner universities overseas. UM Partner Programs are more like a traditional exchange. UM students study at our partner universities and in turn, those institutions send their students to study abroad at UM. This presents a unique opportunity for UM students to meet people from the institutions they are interested in attending before they even go abroad!

As an exchange student, you would have access to most of the curriculum offered at the host institution. Though some partner universities have limited academic scope, most programs offer a wide variety of courses for students in many different majors.

With over 60 partner universities around the world, UM Partner Programs allow students a great deal of flexibility in choosing the location and university that best fits their needs.

Like U Programs, Participants in UM Partner Programs will receive UM credits that will be a part of their UM GPA and count towards their degree progress. UM scholarships and financial aid can also be used on ALL UM Partner Programs.