Course Equivalencies

Courses taken abroad can fulfill major, minor, and general education requirements, with approval of your academic advisor.  Getting courses approved is an important step in the preparation process and should be taken care of while you are still on campus. 

  • Course equivalencies are granted by the academic departments, usually in a meeting with the department’s director of undergraduate studies or the department chair. 
  • When you make the appointment you should bring your D.P.R., the Study Abroad Course Equivalency Form, and descriptions of courses for which you need equivalencies.  
  • It is strongly recommended that you get equivalencies for more courses than you intend to take, so that you have flexibility in choosing your schedule after you arrive at your host university in case a course is canceled or there is a conflict in the schedule.

The completed Course Equivalency Form must be submitted to your Academic College or School.  Upon receipt of your transcript by the Office of Study Abroad, which may be months after you return,  your transcript will be posted and your marks will become part of your official UM transcript.  The course equivalencies will be provided to the academic services division of your UM college or school for graduation clearance. If you are already abroad and your classes change, you may still be able to obtain approval from your academic advisor via email.  We recommend that you keep all of your class assignments until you have secured approval for each class.

If you do not get equivalencies, the credit will be counted as general elective credit and will apply to the total number of elective credits needed for an undergraduate degree.  If you intend to have a specific course count for any specific graduation requirement, you will need to get it approved for a course equivalency that satisfies that requirement. This is the same for both general education, major and minor requirements. You should discuss your degree requirements with an academic advisor in your school/college and department to determine the types of equivalencies you will need prior to departure.