Online Courses For Ukrainian Students

UM Welcomes Ukrainian Students

The University of Miami is welcoming eligible students from Ukraine to take courses online and tuition-free for summer and fall 2022.

Undergraduate and graduate students at institutions in Ukraine whose studies are interrupted may be eligible to enroll as visiting exchange students in online courses at the University of Miami until their home institutions are operational. University of Miami will not charge any tuition or fees for Ukrainian students taking these online courses.


Ukrainian students interested in taking online courses at the University of Miami must complete our online application. The simple online application will ask for biographical and academic information. Upon application completion, students will receive detailed instructions via email from the University of Miami.


The 2022 University of Miami academic calendar is as follows:

  • Summer 2022 (May 16 - August 5)
  • Fall 2022 (August 22 – December 15)

About the University of Miami

As private research university with more than 17,000 students from around the world, the University of Miami is a vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning, the discovery of new knowledge, and service to the South Florida region and beyond. The University of Miami has rapidly progressed to become one of America's top research universities.

The University comprises 12 schools and colleges serving undergraduate and graduate students in nearly 350 majors and programs. You can learn more about the University of Miami on our About UM page.

The University of Miami is committed to providing academic support to all Ukrainian students enrolled in our online classes.


Below you can find a detailed list of online courses available for the summer and fall 2022 semesters.

Students enrolled in these online courses will need to virtually attend live lectures which will be taught during the listed class days & times in the US Eastern time zone. You will be in classes with University of Miami students and be taught by our world-renowned faculty.

Students will receive a grade in each course for which they enroll. The grading system at the University of Miami consist of letter grades, with A+ being the highest and F being lowest. You can read more about the UM grading system on our website.

Schools & Colleges

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  • College of Arts & Sciences

    Course Title Course Code Level Term
    Topics in American Studies AMS 329 Undergrad Fall
    Medicine & Health Care APY 205 Undergrad Fall
    Survey Western Art II ARH 132 Undergrad Fall
    Modern Art ARH 343 Undergrad Fall
    Topics in Art History ARH 347 Undergrad Fall
    Introduction to Biological Sciences BIL 101 Undergrad Fall
    Genetics & Society BIL 104 Undergrad Fall
    Literary Themes & Topics ENG 210 Undergrad Fall
    Special Topics ENG 395 Undergrad Fall
    Writing Autobiography ENG 408 Undergrad Fall
    Physical Geography GEG 120 Undergrad Fall
    Mental Illness, Gender & Psychology GSS 348 Undergrad Fall
    International Administration & Social Entrepreneurship IGS 612 Graduate Fall
    International Leadership, Strategy, & Decision Making IGS 616 Graduate Fall
    Energy Security & Environmental Sustainability IGS 644 Graduate Fall
    International Relations Topics INS 503 Undergrad Fall
    International Economics Topics II INS 524 Undergrad Fall
    Religion & Revolution MLS 626 Graduate Fall
    Introduction to Psychology PSY 110 Undergrad Fall
    Introduction to Religion REL 101 Undergrad Fall
    Color of God: Race & Religion REL 358 Undergrad Fall
    Criminal Justice SOC 271 Undergrad Fall
    Violence in America SOC 368 Undergrad Fall
    Crime: Police & Community SOC 372 Undergrad Fall
    The Black Ghetto SOC 388 Undergrad Fall
    Introduction to Theatre THA 101 Undergrad Fall
    Theatre That Changed the World THA 302 Undergrad Fall
    Theatre History I THA 481 Undergrad Fall
    First-Year Writing I WRS 105 Undergrad Fall

  • Frost School of Music

    Course Title Course Code Level Term
    Introduction To Music Therapy MED 159 Undergrad Fall
    Introduction to Music Copyright Law MMI 274 Undergrad Fall
    Evolution of Jazz MCY 124 Undergrad Fall
    Music Copyright Law MMI 774 Graduate Fall
    Legal Aspects Of The Live Entertainment Industry MMI 738 Graduate Fall
    Marketing in the Music Industry MMI 643 Graduate Fall
    Communication, Marketing, and Publicity for the Musical Artist MUS 755 Graduate Fall

  • School of Education

    Course Title Course Code Level Term
    Athletic & Sport Injuries KIN 184 Undergraduate Fall
    Sport Facilities & Event Management KIN 206 Undergraduate Fall
    Sports Careers KIN 305 Undergraduate Fall
    Essential Leadership In Sports & The Professions KIN 306 Undergraduate Fall

  • School of Architecture

    Course Title Course Code Level Term
    Architecture & Culture ARC 121 Undergraduate Fall