Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience to Employers and Graduate Schools

Toppel Career Center

Why Study Abroad? 
Study Abroad Experience can further your career development. 
Build transferable skills and qualities that employers and graduate schools look for. 
Study Abroad is beneficial for your academic, personal and professional development.

What Employers Are Looking For… 
How valuable is Study Abroad to a potential employer? Focus on what you gained from your time abroad…
In a 2003 study, employers ranked: 
“interpersonal and relationship skills” - #2 
“ambiguity tolerance and adaptability” - #3 
“cross-cultural competence” - #5 
Employers are looking for candidates that have the added the “real-world” experience.

How to speak about the experience Study abroad alumni can… 
Creatively solve problems 
Contribute to an ethnically diverse team 
Be self-confident, yet able to listen and learn from people whose value systems are different 
Take personal risks and act independently 
Be flexible and adaptable to rapidly changing situations 
Have a basic command of the local language, and be able use it in practical situations 
Imagine, forecast, analyze or address business situations from a different cultural frame of reference

Ask yourself… 
What am I trying to communicate to a potential employer about my international experience? 
What skills did I learn abroad? What cross-cultural competencies did I develop? 
Where should I include this experience on my resume so that it will have the most impact?