Frequently asked questions that will help incoming exchange students acclimate to life on campus at the University of Miami

When will I receive my acceptance letter and I-20?

Once you have submitted all your application documents to the Office of Study Abroad we will review and send your documents to International Admissions and they will make the final decision and print the I-20. Usually I-20s are printed within two months, however it may take longer if there are many applications. You should not make plans to come to Miami until you have received acceptance notification directly from your Study Abroad advisor.

Does UM offer assistance with off-campus housing?
Assistance with off-campus housing is available through the Department of Residence Halls. The department offers consultations, over-the-phone guidance, a housing database and roommate finder. For more information, visit the off-campus housing website.

If I write down a class on my course request form, is admission into the class guaranteed?
No. The course has to be open to exchange students with open seats and you must be able to prove that you have the prerequisites.

What if a class is full? How can I register?
If a class is full you should look for an alternate course. If it is mandatory for you to take a course that is full you can speak with the professor and ask if it is possible to have an override. If the professor agrees and there are enough physical seats in the classroom you can bring or send the professor’s signature or approval email to your Study Abroad advisor for registration.

Can I change classes after I arrive at UM?
Yes, you can modify your schedule upon arrival. Pay attention to the “Last Day for Registration and to Add a Course” and the “Last Day to Drop a Course Without a ‘W’” according to the Academic Calendar.

If a class says M, W, and F, can I choose which day to go? Or do I have to go all three days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)?
You have to attend the class each day it is taking place. New material is covered each day and class attendance is very important.

How many classes do I have to take?
You must stay enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits throughout the semester (9 credits for students coming to UM on a graduate exchange). Most courses are 3 credits each and students usually take 4 – 6 courses a semester.

What if my university is not listed as an exchange partner?
Students who do not attend one of UM's exchange partner institutions may contat UM's Division of Continuing and International Education's Miami Semester-Visiting Students Program to study at UM as a transient student.